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Nails and Co. offers effective training programmes that will provide you with the tools you need to progress and grow, whatever stage you are at in this exciting industry.


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N.B. Classes are usually run on a Monday at our Head Office in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

Rebecca also occassionally travels around the UK to run classes

With our Creative TenNail Art, Be Creative classes and now Makeup and Tanning Classes you will gain industry recognised and Guild accredited certificates from top educators in the Nail Industry today.

We want to bring you easily accessible education as well as skill building workshops, Nail Art design workshops in all product ranges from Beginners Classes to Master Classes, so we don’t have just one base we educate from, we have LOTS!  

We are located in the Midlands, but offer 1-2-1’s and travel all over the UK to deliver Excellent Education and Support for our customers.

Our Classes

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All Classes are Certified and qualification courses are accredited.

Manicure Class

An ideal starting point for anyone wanting to become a Nail Technician. This is a stand alone course, meaning you can complete this course successfully and become a manicurist.
– Next step after completing this course would be Pedicure Class or Gel Polish Class

Pedicure Class

A lovely and relaxing service that gains popularity throughout the summer months, don’t miss out on clients requesting this service!


Gel Polish Class

All you need to book onto this class is a manicure certificate. Gel polish application is quick and easy and gives a long lasting, glossy, non-chip finish.


Beginners Nail Tech 4 day Course 

No experience necessary! Our Beginners Course is for anyone craving to get into this beautiful world we call ‘The Nail Industry’ If you are looking for an exciting challenge, a career change, to work for yourself, to open your own business, then this 4 day course is the one for you.

Acrylic 2 Day Progression  

For any qualified Gel Nail Technician wanting to learn the art of acrylic nail enhancements. (Not suitable you only hold a Gel Polish qualification, please see Beginners 4 day course instead)

Acrylic Design

Everyone loves nail art, either in a  subtle or way out way, theres something for everyone if you now a few tricks.

Upskill Class

This is a bespoke class tailored to specific areas of skill

E-File for Beginners

This Class is hugely popular! With salon design, and gel polish becoming more mainstream, tech’s have found the task of maintaining art and design or gel polished acrylic\gel nails a task to maintain. it can take up to 20 minutes just to file off the gel polish from a set of acrylic nails before even starting the rebalance or infill service, but an e-file can shorten this time to less than 5 minutes, saving you value time you aren’t getting paid for!

In this class we take you through the in’s and out’s of E-Filing from the unit to the hand-piece, the different drill bits available and what each are used for.

Safety is extremely important when using E-Files and so this Guild accredited course is a must if you decide you would like to speed up your service times and take some pressure off your hands, wrists and joints.

Airbrushing Nails for Beginners

Airbrushing is a fun, quick and effective way to create intricate nail art designs in the salon. In this class we take you through how to look after and clean your airbrush, which is the number one problem when airbrushing n the salon, so first things first, clogging is something for outside the salon! Once you know how to keep your airbrush clean and clog free, we start with some simple exercises in controlling paint flow before moving onto covering the most important techniques.

  • Contouring
  • Freehand Designs
  • Masking and Stencilling
  • Creating a French Mani and French Twist designs (including a beautifully quick and elegant wedding design)
  • Using Lace
  • layering
  • Finishing your designs with secures an glitters

You will complete, contoured designs, colour fades, masked designs, lace designs, animal print and a seasonal design.

Embedding and Embossing 

The art of embedding something into your acrylic or gel enhancement can prove tricky. The end result should be as thin as the nails you usually create, even though you have embedded something into the nail.

On this class we show you how to layer and structure the nail so you get a thin enhancement, how to create a design that flows across the nail/set and the best tips and tricks for achieving a perfect look.

We could use:

  • Crushed Shells
  • Dried Flowers
  • Flatstones
  • Glitters
  • Pigments
  • Acrylic
  • Studs
  • Bullion Beads
  • Open Hearts and Stars

One Stroke for Beginners

One Stroke Nail Art once mastered is quick techniques that can be used as a whole design or part of a design. It is the method of loading 2 colours onto a brush to create colour blended strokes which create the most beautiful flowers, ribbons and butterflies.

You will learn many techniques which used together can create hundreds of different designs. No Experience necessary.

Spray Tan Workshop

If you are looking to expand your portfolio of treatments and services, then a Spray Tanning qualification is the perfect add-on service for a nail tech. Our units are portable and our system uses an inflatable tent (via a small compressor, provided to inflate and deflate) and a HVLP (high volume, low pressure) system to tan a whole body in approx 10 minutes.

As with all of the brands we sell here at Nails and Co. we have partnered with an amazing brand called Ambermist, which uses natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera to give a natural glowing tan without any trace of orange. The Aloe Vera moisturises, so you feel great after the tan, which is also perfect for people with sensitive skin.

  • Paraben Free
  • Animal Cruelty Free
  • Aloe Vera Based

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