Acrylic Design by Jess Marks – Get the Look!

How Pretty are these acrylic design nails by EzFlow International Master Artist Educator Jessica Marks.

You can re-create these nails using the Time to Shine Collection by EzFlow.

You’ll need:

  • HD Cover Pink
  • Grand Entrance
  • Cocktail Time
  • HD Clear
  1. Place your cover pink on the entire nail as a base colour

[ Advanced technique: fade the cover pink down the nail from the cuticle just past the middle of the nail and you’ll see the glitter from the underside of the tip if sculpting! ]

2. Apply a bead of Grand Entrance to the tip of the nail and fade up towards the centre

3. Apply a bead of Cocktail Time to the very tip of the nail for the added ‘WOW factor!”

4. Cap the entire nail with HD clear acrylic for a crystal clear finish.

5. File the nail to ensure the correct shape using the EzFlow Grey Wolf.

6. Bring out the sparkle in the Time to Shine Colours by finishing with Finish It! EzFlow’s gel top coat. Finish It! contains optical brighteners and cures in UV light to an unrivalled glass like finish bringing the nails to the ultimate sparkly glory.


Thank you to Jessica Marks for sharing these gorgeous nails with us! To see more of Jess’ work follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter HERE….





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