Announcing: Nails and Co. as the Exclusive Sole UK distributor of EzFlow TruGel

What a great start to 2016! 

Well Rebecca did have a little secret up her sleeve before christmas hit…she had been doing a little bit of business with Graftons International to take over the distribution of EzFlow’s TruGel in the UK.

Now you know how much WE love TruGel, we only really get compliments on the colours, longevity of wear and value the range offers our tech’s so to be given the opportunity to become the Exclusive sole distributor for the range in the UK Rebecca got just a little bit excited…ok ill re-phrase that, VERY excited indeed!

TruGel is one of our hero products right now, TruGel is an amazing seller for us at Nails and Co. the Tech’s love it because is it gives guaranteed results everytime, its a no brainer that we would love to take it on exclusively.

So without waffling on too much, that is our newest big news for 2016, Rebecca has big plans for TruGel so I am sure you’ll see a lot more from TruGel coming soon.

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