Beginners Classes – FAQ’s

When you are looking for a Beginners Class to become qualified as a Nail Technician, you may not know what you are paying for or in fact what you need…

Unfortunately there are a great many independent technicians who have setup an academy and teaching people to ‘do nails’ in a day. Now whilst i applaud everyone’s inner entrepreneur coming out and carving a path to a great business, sometime i can’t help but think some of these ‘educators’ are not whole qualified to be teaching and taking peoples money, and i have been tasked with the job of re-teaching a great many tech’s who have been caught out by less than adequate courses.

So here is my guide to researching and booking the right class for you.

Will I be able to get insurance?

This should be your number one Q for the academy you are looking to train with. While they may have an accreditation logo on their website, it is worth googling that accreditation company and checking to see if the academy is still registered and recommended.

Nails and Co. answer: YES, we are well known in the industry and are accredited by EzFlow and the Guild of Beauty Therapists too.

Is my teacher a qualified teacher?

In the UK you have to have a government teaching qualification to teach even if you are teaching adults in a private academy, so its worth asking the question.

Nails and Co. answer: YES, all of our educators are PTTLS qualified and have gone through private training to ensure they ‘know their stuff’ too. All with more than 5 years minimum industry experience our team are competition winners and of the highest standard

Will I get a manual and a certificate?

Sometimes a manual isn’t necessary such as on a nail art class where you are learning new designs, but always on a class where knowledge is key to the course, then a manual should be provided.

Every Class that qualifies you to do a new treatment or teaches you a new skill should be certified.

Nails and Co. answer: YES, all of our EzFlow Classes and Nails and Co. Classes are certified. There are fun workshops we run too, for which we can give a certificate of attendance for your portfolio.

Will I receive a kit with my course?

This is always worth asking, as some independent/ non-brand specific courses require you to have your own kit, or bring it with you, but other branded courses may specify you can only use that brand on the course, so check this when booking.

Nails and Co. answer: On our EzFlow beginners course the kit we provide you is specified in the details and the cost attached is clear, as it is a branded qualification you receive, a specific kit is necessary. On our other Nails and Co classes you can bring the products you normally use in the salon. 

Do I need a model for my course?

To get the most out of certain classes it is recommended a model be brought along with you, but be aware if your model is a nail technician then they won’t be allowed to stay to model.  For a sculpting course a model is essential as you need a real finger and nail to get the most benefit from the sculpting class, but for an art or design class, working on tips or Arabella Forms is usually adequate.

Nails and Co. answer: In your confirmation letter you will receive after booking, it specifies if a model is required or not, so you can make plans. Im afraid we cannot allow other nail techs to come along as your model.

What will i learn?

Any course you attend should have aims and objectives spelled out so you know what will be covered in the course or class.

Nails and Co. answer: We have a PDF prospectus we are currently working on to give you a complete run down of what each course is about, what you will learn and what you will receive, this will be made available on the Education Academy Page on the website as a download very soon.

How long do i need to practice before i can do clients?

Once you have completed your 4 day course, you will need to practice, and time it takes you as an individual to be confident in what you have learned if different to the next person, so this is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question I’m afraid. What i do know is, the more practice you put in the quicker your learning curve will be, and your confidence will soar!

Nails and Co. answer: We are here to support you so if after the course is complete you are struggling, then give me a call and we can schedule some extra tuition for you 1-2-1. My best advise is don’t leave it more than  a week before practicing again. If the weekend is the only time you have, ask your sister, aunt, or bessie mate over for a couple of hours and put a set of nails on her for free, feed her coffee and a low fat (or high fat if thats what is called for!) treat and get practising. The best practice is doing it and make the next set better than the last, you’ll soon be there…


If you have any questions, please post a comment below, and we will do our best to answer you and maybe add them to our FAQ’s above.






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