Boogie Nights – its hard to choose one!

Boogie nights powders….well I could go on, and on and on!

These powders are simply gorgeous! Let me explain…
The Boogie nights range is an umbrella name for 5 collections we have in the UK. Just knowing a collection is part of the Boogie Nights range of powders means you are going to get unbelievable sparkle, shimmer, shine and more…
So what’s the secret to these powders? They contain polyester holographic film which is non toxic, safe to use with monomer, so you get no bleeding of colour and the film just shines through the powder to give you that ultimate look.
Each collection has a different theme, some collections are clear based for subtle designs, whilst other collections are bright and simply sparkle.
So which collection should you choose?
Here is your ultimate run down of each collection…
Dare to be dazzling
EzFlow Dare To Be Dazzling Boogie Nights Kit-500x500
the first boogie nights collection to be released. It contains 15 powders, all clear powder based, the powders in this collection have subtle glitters that you can use as a shimmery tip or as a base layer for a design. This is a great starter collection, if you haven’t got any coloured powders yet, Dare to be Dazzling is a definate contender for your first one.
Walk of Fame
Walk of Fame
glitter, glitter and more glitter! If you like full on glitter then this is the collection for you. A must for the festive period, this collection is cram packed full of holographic film in 15 differ t colours. Clear based making blending one colour into another easy peasy, creating a glitter fade or background takes seconds.
Carnival Collection
Carnival collection
A vibrant collection, with the added bonus of a matt black power for impact. This collection gives bright colours with glittery shimmer and so is one of the most versatile collections in the range.
Time to Shine
Time to Shine
 this is my second recommendation for a first purchase. With clear based glitters this collection has 12 powders that will dazzle and shine without any effort. Cocktail time is a firm favourite in this collection, and one of my favourite colours is piano lounge, a beautiful pink shimmer that finishes any design for the perfect look. With accent powders galore in the this collection you get silver foil, gold foil and so much more
Confetti Collection
Confetti collection
I call this collection the sister to time to shine, its similar in its makeup being a clear powder based collection, with gorgeous glitter pieces and foil to dazzle.
Our most popular collection has to be the Time to Shine, with its understated, sophisticated glittery hues, its great for accenting designs, but robust enough to carry a whole design on its own, and as an added bonus each collection comes with a free bottle of Q Monomer, and a sample of something such as tips or brush on resin as well as a handy colour chart for you to fill in – my top tip here is to fill in each heart with the correct powder and when dry laminate the card to keep in wipeable and fresh.
If you need more help with choosing the best collection for your needs then give me a shout, I’m happy to find out what kind of looks you are going for and point you in the right direction.

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