Colour Me! Top 10 most popular gel polishes

Colour Me! is a fantastically versatile gel polish range from Mystic Nails, with over 100 colours to choose from we have our favourites, but so do you, so we thought we would give you the current top 10 colours our customers have bought in the last 3 months.

So in reverse order:

The 10th most popular Gel Polish choice is the bright and fresh number 90 Mango


9th most purchased is number 93 Pitaya, a beautiful pastel  


8th in line is 55 Blackberry, a luscious, dark and dangerous classic


7th in the top 10 Is Emelie Sande’s choice 44 Baobab 


The 6th most bought Gel Polish Colour is number 11 Pink Cadillac


5th on the list, number 94 Blueberry a delightful baby blue shade people are going crazy for




A firm favourite in the Nails and co office is 4th in our top 10, number 82 Louvre



Getting to the top choices now, 3rd is the delicious number 10 Fruit Punch 


2nd… A beautiful nude shade, everyone is still looking for… 26 Desert rose


And the most bought colour in the entire range of over 100 colours is still the most classic of colours… A beautiful RED!


Number 1 American Beauty!


I have been in London quite a few times over the last few months and the designers on set or on the catwalks have all asked for Reds and Nudes, so it is no surprise that our top 10 most purchased colours includes so many nude shades, scattered with some beautiful summery pinks and pastels. Click any of the images above to go straight to that colour in our webshop. Remember we password protect our shop so only qualified trade customers receive our professional products and pricing, so login or register for your account today. 


Hope that helps with your colour choices for the season.


Rebecca X




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