Do I need to learn a second system?

I get asked this question all the time.

As a budding nail tech on a beginners course in say, acrylic, I have great many people step out after qualifying calling themselves a nail technician, and of course they now are… And I always make the suggestion that they should think about booking the gel course within the next 3-6months. Why? Because a nail tech really should know all they can about nail nails and enhancing them.

Every client that contacts you asking for a service will have different ideas of what they want, but that of course doesn’t mean they get what they came to you asking for, Let me explain…
If a customer came to you asking for gel nail enhancements but you only work with acrylic, you either need to convince her to have acrylic which isn’t what she asked for or you have to turn her away, and she will go to the next nearest salon.
Another scenario, after a consultation with someone who has booked to have acrylic enhancements, you may realise what would suit her best is a soak off gel overlay or a gel polish.
If a customer has been wearing acrylic enhancements for a month but isn’t getting on with them, you may consider the problems would be solved by her having gel instead, but if you aren’t qualified in a gel system you cannot offer her this service. It is great to specialise, but nail enhancements is your specialist area! Without knowing all of the systems (even if you do more of one system than another) you cannot service all clients in your area, you will in effect be sending people to another tech, a rival salon, your local competition…so learning and mastering the application of all enhancement systems means you never have to worry about sending clients away because you don’t know how to apply gel, you are now a fully qualified all service nail technician, and your resulting knowledge gives you power, power to know what your clients need, that you can handle any client contacting you, and you can troubleshoot any eventuality as your knowledge has grown through learning.
If you have only learned one system so far in your career, think about taking that next step and expanding your services, it will expand your clientele and make your business more successful.
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