Competition Training

Rebecca Orme’s winning nails!

Entering competitions can be a daunting thing to do on your own…so don’t!

Why not use the Nails and Co’s team of seasoned competition nail tech’s all experts and winners in their chosen categories.

Vikki Taylor Dodds – 1st Place Fantasy Winner, national competition judge

Claire Woodcock – 1st Place Stiletto Winner, 1st place photographic winner

Rebecca Orme (Me) – 1st place fancy french winner and 3rd place pink and whites

Sam Biddle – 1st place Design Acrylic Winner, International and national competition judge

Want success? Join the other success stories…

We have each taken tech’s to place or win competitions, myself mentoring the Harrods, Urban Retreat team to glory, with of their chosen 6 tech’s taking: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th place in their first competition, as well as 1 tech going on to win manicurist of the year, another 2 to win Scratch Stars awards!

To book a competition class with one of our Competition Winning Educators just email us on or call to talk through your requirements, ask to speak to Rebecca on 01562 861492


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