Funded Nail NVQ’s

We are Pleased to be once again offering our fully funded
20 week NVQ course in Nail Technology!


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Each class is running the same course, you simply choose the day of the week, that suits your schedule best. Once booked on the class of your choice, for example the Thursday class, you must attend every scheduled Thursday per week for 20 weeks. (There is no option to attend some fridays and some thursdays...)


    All courses take place at the Skills North East Academy, C/O Nails and Co in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.


The NVQ Level 3 Nail Technology course

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  • Course Starts TBC TBC July...
  • 10am - 4pm 20 week course
  • 1 day per week



  • Course Starts TBC TBC July...
  • 10am - 4pm 20 week course
  • 1 day per week

We conduct interviews at the Nails and Co. Academy, Kidderminster below, but before you apply...

This page contains ALL of the information you need about the NVQ Level 3 Nail Course! So read on to find out all about it.

 Are you eligible for this course?

Are you 19 or over?

There is no cap on how old you are to be able complete this course but you must be 19 or over. Don't worry if you haven't studied in years or have very few qualifications, we can accommodate all ages and academic abilities.

UK Resident

You need to be registered UK resident to qualify for the funding for this course.

Have 1 day a week available

Have a passion for Nails and Nail Art

It is essential you have an interest in all things nails and nail art. We have a long list of people wanting to attend this course already so if you want to build a business or career around something you love and have a passion for just as we do...then this is the course for you.


Do you think this could be the perfect course for you?

Quick Check:

  • Yes, I can attend 1 day  a week for 20 consecutive weeks

  • I would love to learn Manicure, Pedicure, Nail Art and Acrylic Nail Enhancements

  • I can commit to doing theory homework and practicing at home in my own time

  • I am local to Kidderminster or have no problem travelling there every week

We conduct interviews at the Nails and Co.  Academy

Read on to find out how to book your interview for this amazing NVQ course.

Your Educator: Celebrity Manicurist, Session Tech ad competition winner -

Rebecca herself is teaching both of these courses!

  • Rebecca Orme, Owner and Education Director

    Nails and Co. has been educating, supplying products and supporting fellow Nail Tech’s since 2008 and its founder Rebecca Orme an International Master Artist Educator in her own right values education foremost in this business. The more knowledge you have the more you are armed for greatness in this fast paced industry – as the trends move on, Rebecca and her team of educators are at the forefront of the latest innovations in Nails, having innovated some of the trends herself!! (and got the award to prove it…) “Learn from the best…to become the BEST” 



Offering you an incredible opportunity...

If you are 19 or over and have 2 evenings (wednesday and thursday) or one day a week (a Friday OR Saturday) a week to commit to a new career in Nails then this could be the start of a new outlook on your work life! Don't be fooled by 1 day courses or training courses that aren't accredited!.... Nails and Co's fast track beginners courses are industry recognised and our skills classes are accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists, but now you can gain an NVQ L3 qualification with government funding, in just 20 weeks!! We are a lovely academy with all the facilities you need to learn the art of nails, classes are smaller than you will find in colleges, with approx 10 students per class. We have a dedicated classroom, as well as complimentary refreshments. You can pop in at anytime to purchase products, or make an appointment to come and discuss anything you need to throughout your course. We offer payment plans if you decide to buy a kit, and 50% off enrichment workshops if you want to learn more along the way... We support you in every way we can.   Want to know what our ex-students thought of this very course?? Click here to read their thoughts...



What will you learn on this 20 week NVQ course?

NVQ Level 3 Nail Tech Course

Gain a nationally recognised qualification in Nail Technology with our fully funded Course.

On successful completion you will have an NVQ Level 3 qualification in Nail Technology!

- Embark on a new career

- Work hours to suit your lifestyle 

- Add nail services to your existing beauty business

- Fully funded by the governments 24 Loan scheme


You will learn how to perform a manicure to industry standards, making you instantly employable to a salon owner looking for new manicurists. 

Learn how to prepare and setup for a treatment, asses a clients requirements, perform a manicure, polish the nails and give aftercare advise


Learn the relaxing benefits of the pedicure, a must for any woman who wants to look good. 

You will learn how to properly and professionally complete a pedicure to a high standard.

So whether you want to work in a Spa environment or work for yourself you will have the base knowledge to know exactly how to make those feet and nails look flawless.

Acrylic Nails

In the industry we call these Liquid and Powder Enhancements (but you will find that out soon enough...) We are so proud of our industry and work hard to maintain standards so that you become a great Nail Tech! 

We only use the best professional products, thats why when you arrive we provide EVERYTHING for you to use on the day.... making sure you start with a quality product means you won't struggle with poor quality powders or an acrylic brush that sheds...

You will learn not just how to apply an acrylic nail, but make it look amazing...natural...glossy...ensuring your clients always come back to you.

Nail Art

Nail Art certainly is an ART!

Learn how to create beautiful nail art designs from a Master...yes, literally! Your Educator is Master Artist Educator, Michael Blackham who has been a nail tech for years, enters competitions and really does know his stuff!

The enrolment process:


You'll need to book an interview, so as soon as you see a course date is available, this page will be updated with a 'Book Your Interview' button, when have booked your interview you'll have a 15 minute chat with one of our dedicated team to ensure you know everything you need to before deciding it really is the right course for you. You are required to complete an online functional skills test (Maths and English) then we will be in touch to let you know if your application has been successful and invite you back to enrol on the course.

You will need to bring your National Insurance number and Passport (or birth certificate if you don't have a passport), but don't worry we will tell you the whole process by email, upon your successful application 🙂

You will apply for the funding while you are with us and complete some paperwork, then we will see you on day 1 of the course.

You'll need to purchase a tunic*, otherwise everything you need for this course is provided, so all you need to do is come along on the first day of the course in your uniform, ready to learn.

(*Don't worry, we will provide all details for purchasing a tunic in due course)

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Don't want the funding? Prefer to pay for the course privately?

If you don't want to use the funding available or if you have used all of the funding available to you, then you can still do the course and pay for it directly. Call on 01562 861492 and ask to speak to Charlotte for the cost.

Have any questions?

Give Charlotte a call on 01562 861492 or email us on,  but we have tried to answer as many questions as we can right here:




  • Q.How much does it cost?

    A.This course is FULLY FUNDED , so that means you apply for a leaner loan from the government, it is exactly the same funding you receive if you enrolled on a college course. You ONLY pay back your loan (plus interest) when you finish your course and earn more than £21,000 a year. Your repayments will stop if your income drops below £21,000 a year.

    Your annual repayment amount will be 9% of any income you earn over £21,000.

    For Example;

    Your monthly repayments would be:

    ◦ £7.50 a month – if you earned £22,000 a year

    ◦ £30 a month – if you earned £25,000 a year

  • Q.Who will be teaching the course?

    A.Your educator is Jane Cook an Educator who has been in the Nail Industry over 18 years

  • Q.What exactly will I learn?

    A.We start with Manicure and Pedicure, then you will learn how to apply Acrylic Nail Enhancements and a Nail Art module is also included. You will then move on to Acrylic Design and lastly start using the E-File, so you will have knowledge and practical skills to be able to conduct all of these services by the time you finish the course.

  • Q.How do i know if i meet the criteria to apply for the course?

    A.Anyone can apply as long as you meet this criteria:

    ◦ be living in the UK on the first day of your course

    ◦ have been living in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man for 3 years before starting your course

    ◦ be a UK national or have ‘settled status’ (this means there’s no restrictions on how long you can stay)

    You may also qualify if you’re:

    ◦  a UK national, or someone with settled status, but you live somewhere else in the EEA

    ◦ an EU national or a family member of one

    ◦ a refugee

    ◦ a migrant worker

    ◦ the child of a Swiss national

    ◦ the child of a Turkish worker

  • Q.Could i get turned down for the funding?

    A.Its highly unlikely you’ll be refused the funding!

    Funding is only refused in extreme cases, so if you are worried about being on benefits or income support etc…DON’T BE!! Even if you are on a great wage, in full time work you can still apply and be granted funding for this course!

  • Q.Do i need to buy anything for the course?

    A.NO! Everything you need is provided during classes. All you need to bring is a pen and paper (and don’t even worry if you forget these!) The nail products will be provided for you during class time.

    There are optional nail kits you can purchase from us, and great incentives to go with them too! 


    We are here to advise and guide you so you don’t spend unnecessary money or buy something that isn’t suitable. We have been in this industry for years (and years!) so even if you don’t buy the products/ kits we offer we can help you with your choices…it is your perogative to buy and use what you want, it is our job to educate you on products as well as ‘how to do nails’ so don’t buy anything until you have discussed it with your educator. We are here to help. 

  • Q.Do I have to attend every class?

    A.Yes, attendance is an important part of the criteria, and if your attendance drops below 80% then you will not be able to pass the course. If you have a holiday or event booked that you must attend, please discuss it with us before you enrol.

  • Q.I have a child in school, can i leave class at 3pm to pick her up?

    A.Unfortunately we cannot allow tis I’m afraid. Your qualification specifies specific minimum learning hours which must be fulfilled so leaving early isn’t an option. Maybe the evening class would be better suited to you.

  • Q.I work shifts so can i attend a different class each week?

    A.No i’m afraid not….Each class is running along the same scheme of work, but with different lecturers and learners the schedules do sometimes overlap or run ahead or behind so its impossible for you to join another class as you would miss or be redoing something.

  • Q.Where are the classes held?

    A.All classes are held at our Shop / Academy – Nails and Co. 

    We are on Mill Street, in Kidderminster. The exact address and all other details of the venue will be emailed to you before you attend enrolment.

  • Q.Will i be able to buy anything from the Nails and Co shop during the course if i wanted to?

    A.YES! of course you can, in fact we go one better than that and give you a student discount whilst you are on the course! 

    We will have lots of heavily discounted kits for you to purchase IF you want to, but there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything, it is all provided…if you want some product to work with at home then we will be happy to guide you to the right products for you.

For more information on the 19+ government funding take a look at this link:


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