Gel 2 Day Progression


For any qualified Acrylic Nail Technician wanting to learn the art of Gel (hard gel) nail enhancements. On this 2 day Course you will learn all about Hard Gel. We delve into polymerisation, features and benefits compared to Liquid and Powder and the perfect application. What to look for and what to avoid. Whether you use tips or forms we will cover both in the class, if you don’t want to use one method, no problem! This course is a complete course covering everything you need to start practicing acrylic enhancements.

As you are already a nail technician, we realise you know all about Nail Health, contra-indications, PREP etc…so we aren’t going to waste your time there…this class is specifically concentrating on Hard Gel, its properties and application. 2 whole days immersing ourselves in Gel knowledge.

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You will learn:

  • The differences between Gel and Acrylic
  • Polymerisation of Gel
  • Proper Curing of Gel’s
  • Application of: Pink and White and Clear Gel’s
  • Application over tips and sculpting forms will be demonstrated.

On successful completion of the class you will receive a Nail and Co. ABT accredited Certificate (please allow 6 weeks to receive)

Price: £195+ VAT

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