EzFlow Q Monomer and A Polymer

EzFlow is a world renowned product line, and our acrylic system is the backbone of the brand.

From salon nails to competition nails EzFlow liquid and powder has been at the fore in the nail industry for nearly 30 years.

EzFlows Q monomer is a traditional liquid, formulated to give strength, flexibility and colour stability. Combined with A polymer powders which give you a consistent colour due to the internal pigmentation and total control when working, you can work slightly wetter or drier when required without loss of adhesion or strength!
EzFlows liquid and powder gives a nail tech flexibility when working and by allowing the product to do the work for you, you can simply guide the product into place and smooth….
Rebecca creating an extended nail bed
Q monomer and A polymer will never yellow over time. It’s unique formulation stops any premature ageing, product yellowing or breaking down of product, so you can always be assured your clients will come back time and time again for quick maintenance appointments feeling great about their nails.

So why choose EzFlow Q monomer and A polymer. Powders for your business? Well for me it was an easy choice, 7 years ago I was using a very reputable brand of acrylic in my business but was experiencing issues…the mix ration was quite rigid, a little too wet and I would see pocket lifting within 2-3 weeks, a little too dry and lifting was inevitable. When I spoke to my educator who had recently started working for EzFlow’s head office, Grafton International, she suggested I try EzFlow, and I jumped at the chance! I had seen their range of coloured powders and I knew that was my next step, so I bought the Proline Kit to try the system and instantly loved it! Pocket lifting was suddenly a thing of the past and my prep was always good so lifting wasn’t an issue any more either…I just loved that I could play around with the mix ratio where I needed to and so I was hooked.

If you are looking for something with a proven track record for quality, consistency (and of course you get me when you need me too!) then you cannot go wrong with EzFlows acrylic system.
If you have any questions on EzFlow products, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can guide you to the right products for you and I can schedule a conversion course if you require it.
My nails went from good to amazing with EzFlow, let me know your goals and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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