Brand New Fill and Form – AcryGel

Introducing the Newest product from Mystic Nails

This versatile product which is available in Clear, White and a Cover Pink, is easily manipulated to sculpt beautiful structure and cured on demand – therefore giving you all the time you need to create the perfect nail.

If you struggle with acrylic application because of the quick setting time, you will love Fill and Form! You can mould the product into the perfect shape and it won’t sink into sidewalls or run like a gel…instead it stays where you press it allowing you complete control. Then simply cure it under LED or UV light for a strong and durable enhancement.

Click on the image above to see the easy application of this revolutionary new gel…

We have a fantastic value kit NOW available!

Get all of this product including a kolinsky brush too!

All for just £100+ VAT and FREE P&P

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