Gel Paints

Gel Paint was a new concept when Sam and I launched it under the Be Creative Brand 3 years ago; so it is not surprising we’ve had so many questions about it.

The Be Creative Gel Paint collection includes six colours, giving you a great start in the right direction.

The colours are highly pigmented, so you can use small amounts in super thin applications without worrying about losing the colour; the trick is to use it as if it were a paint, but the beauty is it doesn’t dry….you can move, manipulate, add, take away and create your design for as long as you want, but it wont dry or cure until you pop that design under the lamp!

What is Gel Paint?

It is a revolutionary product with all of the benefits or regular nail art paint and Gels in one product. It creates a super thin application, so you can now build a gel design without the bulk!

Do I have to cure it under a lamp?

YES, it’s a Gel product and you will need to cure it.

UV or LED?

Be Creative’s Gel Paint will cure under both, UV and LED Lamps.

How do I use it?

Apply a small amount of Gel Paint to a Kolinsky Sable or Synthetic brush. You can create great detail using a small detailer brush, as you can see (right) in this Christmas design by Sam Biddle, without creating any thickness to the nail.

Can I mix the colours?

Yes you can mix the Gel Paint colours, have a play with them see how many great new colours you can create. There are more colour collections coming soon!

Will it work with Gel Polish?

Yes, the Gel Paints are so thin that you can easily create a detailed design over or inside Gel Polish, it is flexible so it wont crack and will not add bulk to your thin Gel Polish enhancements.

Will it work with Acrylics too?

Yes, you can use the Gel paints on any enhancement surface, for best results use over a buffed surface and apply a suitable Gel Top Coat over the design to finish.

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