Get excited about Le Grande Gel!

OMG we are soooo in love with Le Grande Gels in our office…it is CRAZY!

It doesn’t matter too much what we are doing, whether its a demo for students, and open day, a quick video, or recommending a product to a nail tech, Le Grande is right at the centre of our world right now.

So, the bottom line, we have created a few offers for Le Grande gels over the last few months, and they didn’t really do as well as we thought they would, which was so disappointing for us as it one of our favourite products for so many reasons.

Wanna know why we love it so much? great!

Its not just your average coloured gel in over 60 colours, its not just that you can use it for design work, its not even the fact that it can be used for lines, cushion and quilt effects, nor the fact that it cures under LED, neither is it because it cures without an inhibition layer, or you can create a chrome effect easily, its ALL of these things and a probably a couple more too..


I just love products that are versatile, and this is the epitome of versatility, you can mix the colours to make new colours (which incidently is what i did in the video below) they cover in a thin yet richly pigmented way, if you choose wisely you can cover over the clients old design! You don’t even need to top coat it, but if you wanted too then go for it.

The best thing about this for our nail techs right now is that it will help you create the perfect chrome nail – colour cures to a glossy finish with no inhibition layer in LED so quickly, that you can be chrom-ing those nails up and top coating them super quick!

To top coat your chrome nails we recommend Magic Shine from Mystic Nails, as this is a flexible gel top coat with no inhibition layer so it will even seal in your gel polish natural nail designs without cracking.

Check out this quick video showing how I created a quilt effect on my nails – when I didn’t even have time to do it! (thats how quick it is)

I hope you now know a bit more about Le Grande Gels so you’ll give them a try! If you have any questions, then give us a shout on info@nailsand.co.uk

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