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The Lifting Series


Tired of battling against clients with lifting? The lifting Series of Video Tutorials gives you over 1 hour of online IN DEPTH tuition. Tailored to the qualified Nail Tech, this series delves into the chemistry of lifting, and all of the reasons you may be experiencing it on different clients. There are 5 core videos in the series all with the explanations you crave, the WHY, HOW and PROBLEM SOLVING PRACTICAL DEMOS, all in real time with me, Rebecca Orme. The Videos: Video #1 INTRODUCTION - In depth discussion about the topic of lifting - get the foundational knowledge you need to troubleshoot the issue. Video #2 PREP Video #3 Primer Video #4 Mix Ratio and Perfect and Consistent Bead Pickup Video 5 L&P Application Bonus, I have already added a bonus video! and have started filming more! So this series comes complete with updates ?
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