My ‘GEM’ of a product – Flexi Builder Base

I’m a sucker for a great multi functional product, and if you know me you know I’m also a huge Swarovski fan, so when it comes to being able to load up my crystals in gorgeous clusters then Flexi Builder base is the product I reach for every time.

I used to use a builder resin with an activator, but it just seems so primeval to me now! The nervous ‘is it going to set on me before I get to place all of my crystals, and the wait while is sets just enough to be comfortable breathing again…its all we had at the time and I embraced it, mastering the application, but as products and technology has moved on we now have products that do a better job and Flexi Builder Base is just THE DREAM!

Its a versatile product with so many useful applications allowing you to do so much for your clients, quickly and effortlessly.

  • Gel Polish Base Coat
  • Use as a ridge filler on dry, ridged natural nails
  • Use it on its own as a supportive coating over natural nails – Especially now we have the new shades; Nude and Cover 🙂
  • Add shape to a flat nail. You can actually add an apex and some curve to a flat nail!
  • Sculpt a broken corner back on – YES!!!!!
  • Afix your precious Swarovski Crystals assured they won’t budge until their next appointment…. PHEW!!! 😅

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