NVQ Student Testimonials

To help you with any worries you may have about enrolling onto our NVQ courses, we asked our ex-students to take a few minutes to let you know what they thought of the course!


Fabulous Course! At first i thought it was too good to be true. After years out of work and study and being a full time mummy I didn’t think I could achieve a Level 3 NVQ in Nail Technology but Michael Blackham was the best teacher not only teaching us the best skills but supporting us every step of the way. Therefore allowing me to achieve my dream career in nails <3

Emma Weate, Newly qualified Nail Tech!

When i first signed up for the level 3 in Nail Technology I was very nervous. On the first day i thought i would find the paperwork and tests too hard for me to understand the word format, luckily Mike reassured me to just be positive and he always helped me when i was unsure or stuck! I cannot believe that after having no GCSE’s I have now completed my level 3 NVQ! Thank you!

Nadine Anthony, Newbie Nail Tech and Loving it!

I have just completed my NVQ Level 3 in Nail Technology and all i can say is I absolutely loved every single minute of it. As someone who suffers with severe anxiety and bipolar I was very sceptical about starting but Michael and Rebecca were absolutely amazing and made me feel totally at ease. They have been so supportive and are fantastic teachers. I have enjoyed the course so much I have signed up for another one!

Laura, Booking my next course now!

I have really enjoyed doing the evening course, It helped me to take in all of the information over 2 evenings rather than in one whole day. During our course we started with he basics and went on to master sculpted acrylics. The course was broken down into sections and delivered exceptionally well. The thought of being back in a class room worried me but the atmosphere was relaxed. I would recommend this course to anyone. I am looking forward to learning more!

Anon, Looking forward to the future...

I really enjoyed the Nail Course it was very informative. We covered all areas of nail technology and this was all taught in a relaxed small group. Mike offered advice on all areas of the course (and more) and was very aware of different learning styles within the group. Fabulous Teacher, Fabulous Course, can’t wait to do more.

Anon, Fabulous

Amazing experience from no real knowledge of nail care, acrylics or nail art. I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this wonderful course. Our tutor was excellent, friendly and made us all feel at ease. Going on now to have a career in Nails!!!! 🙂

Victoria Wilkes, Amazing Experience!

Nails and Co. have changed my life and i have loved every single minute of it. I am not very good at reading and writing I was so worried about the paperwork side of things, but i really had nothing to worry about, i had help all the way. My tutor Mike couldn’t have helped me more and made sure I pass all my paper work I really couldn’t have asked for  a better teacher. I have met some amazing people that will remain my friends for life. I have loved every minute of training here and I have an NVQ Level 3 in Nails!! I also have a qualification in Spray Tanning from Nails and Co. and have been trained to the best of my ability. I really want to thank Nails and Co for giving me this opportunity. My life truly has changed!



When starting the course I was anxious, once settled in I was happy with the people in class and we had a fab teacher in Mike. He made me feel relaxed, explained things if we struggled or needed to be shown anything, I really enjoyed the nail course and learning about sculpted acrylic nails. I will miss everyone that was on the course, its been a great 5 months of my life!

Anon, A Great 5 months of my Life!

Whaen i saw the advert for the NVQ Level 3 nail course i actually thought it was too good to be true. Once I enquired and met the Nails and Co team they completely supported me through from start to finish. I felt everyone was very welcoming and friendly. Anyone looking to embark on a nail tech career should enrol with Nails and Co. the facilities and location is perfect!

Amy Mobbs, The facilities and location are perfect

I was very nervous to start with as I have never done anything to do with nails before. I have really enjoyed the course and i'm surprised at how much i have learnt and still continue to learn. The tutor Michael Blackham is amazing at what he does and how he teaches. Rebecca Orme made buying the kits and anything i needed very affordable.


Ive just completed the level 3 Nail Tech Course from start to finish I can say this course was fab. I've learnt so much in the last 20 weeks and Mike was a great tutor. Would highly recommend to anyone

Sheena, Would highly recommend to anyone

I came on the course quite nervous and me being me it takes a while for things to sink in as i'm not very good at taking things in. I have learnt so much on this course and fully understood everything i have been taught! I'm super happy I did this course, Mike made it so relaxed and made sure i understood everything.

Hayley Willetts, I was quite nervous...

I have had an amazing time on my nail course, loved every single minute. I currently work part time and have 2 children so studying on a Saturday really fitted in with my lifestyle. Thank you Nails and Co. for making a dream in becoming a nail tech come true.


I had attended a nail course a few years back, it was a 4 day course. Although i passed, i felt unconfident in my work. I saw this course and it really appealed to me. The first class i was quite nervous but upon meeting my other classmates and Mike the teacher, i felt at eas. The class was small and tailored to the learners, unlike other colleges where you, as a student can feel a bit lost as you are in a big class. Every class was fun and we leant something new each lesson. The help from Mike made me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities. Every aspect of our needs were catered for from supplying us all the equipment / kit we needed in class to helping ourselves to refreshments. Extra classes were offered to us which we could do if we wanted to. Honestly this course is excellent and i will be sad when we don't have any more classes to attend. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike for being a fab teacher and to Rebecca for allowing us to learn in this fabulous academy!

Laura Smith

I have always wanted to learn how to do nails when i found out about Nails and Co I got really excited that I was able to do the course. I was very nervous about starting the course but our tutor Michael Blackham made me feel very confident and i loved every moment. The course was fantastic as when i first started i could only apply nail polish...but now i am able to apply acrylics, gel polish and learned how to apply forms. Its amazing, highly recommend

Beth Wilson

From the moment you walk through the door you are made to feel welcome. Nothing is too much trouble. The academy is extremely well run and i have made friends for life...I will be back in January for the next course 🙂

Kymberley, I will be back in January!

I have always been interested in all things beauty. When i saw the NVQ in Nails i applied immediately! After having no GCSE's I was a little nervous about the course but after the 1st day I was fine. Michael is a great tutor, really helpful and friendly

Kate McGrath, Michael is a great tutor


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