Colour Me! Gel Polish Prescribes you success!

If you are in need of tailoring your application for those few clients who always seem to have little issues, then Mystic Nails has the answer.

  • Chips at the free edge you can’t seem to solve
  • Gel Polish doesn’t last the 2-3 weeks you and your client expect it to
  • You gain lots of clients with damaged nails from NS salons you KNOW gel polish won’t last on…

So Mystic Nails has solved all of these issues enabling you to tailor each application perfectly to each clients needs. If you know your clients well at this point i.e. they have been coming to you for quite a while, then you could get instant results from this. For brand new clients, experience and your consultation will guide you to your best starting point.

Mystic has 4 applications for great results every time, so print out this little cheat sheet, laminate it and hang it from your desk draw to always have it handy.

Now imagine how your clients will react when you explain how you actually analyse and prescribe the best application for them based on a nail analysis and consultation!

We have tried and tested these methods at Nails and Co. suing ourselves and clients as guinea pigs with amazing results and so passed these prescription methods onto our students and it is clear that these prescription applications make a HUGE difference to the longevity of the gel polish service.

With a few key products that can be used with every product range Mystic Nails offer your gel polish applications last and you can use the same principles for your Gel nail enhancements and even your L&P enhancements too.

All of this = Happy Clients who come back time and time again.


If you have any questions, or want more information, give us a call and say you need some technical advice and one of the team will help you.

Rebecca has video tutorials coming very soon, so if you need to know more on how to analyse the nail plate, how to conduct a thorough consultation and make experienced inferences that ensure the service you provide stand the test of time, then get yourself over to www.rebeccaorme.com for the details of how to sign up for the most informative teaching you’ve ever experienced.




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