Swarovski Crystals, Your How to guide….

Swarovski Crystals are more popular than ever, and we have seen a massive increase in their application on nails over the last few years…

We now have a great range of colours in stock in no less than 7 different sizes!!

We have SS3 in Crystal or Aurora Borealis only, but these tiny crystals are perfect for little accents, finishing off acrylic designs or filling in gaps in your Swarovski Crystal Toe’s. We also have Swarovski Kits making it cost effective to get everything you need to get started offering Swarovski Crystals in your salon/business.

Here is your quick How To Guide to application:

Step 1 – Apply Flexi Builder Base to the area of the nail you want your crystals

Flexi Builder Base from Mystic Nails is a thicker brush on clear gel that helps fill in the gaps underneath the flatback crystal when placed on the curved surface of the nail.

apply resin to the nail

Step 2 – Apply The largest Crystals of  your design

Apply the largest Crystals first using tweezers to pick up and place them. Its best to place them towards the centre of the nail/design and then then trail smaller sized crystals outwards/down the nail


Step 3 – Continue to apply a little more Flexi Builder Base where needed and add your crystals


Step 4 – Add smaller crystals to trail off your design

Apply smaller amounts of Flexi Builder Base to get a flush, clean finish without too much gel oozing out the sides of the crystals.

We love the Rhinestone Picker Upper for a quick pick up and release!!


Step 5 – Cure it!

Once you are happy with the placement of your crystals, place your hand into the gel lamp and cure for 30 seconds in LED lamp or 2 minutes in UV lamp. The crystals will be cured into place and as long as there are no gaps under the edges of the crystals they will last way past her next scheduled appointment 🙂

secure swarovski with spray activator

You can also secure your Swarovski Crystals in Creative Glue Gel, which is a bit thinner than Flexi Builder Base, so we find it is good for smaller crystals and smaller designs. Its definitely worth checking out!


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