The New ‘Queenie’ Acrylic Brush

I have been testing this one out for 6 months!!!!! Yes and after 5 months of using it and raving about, we finalised it and got them delivered!

You see I am quite hard to please when it comes to nail products and tools, so I have worked long and hard on this one, it needed to be special, it needed to be a brush I would pick up every time and after 5 months I had got used to looking for this brush in my kit and picking it up as my ‘go to brush’ and almost forgot that I was actually testing out this latest design…because I was so busy and this one just worked, without me thinking about it I just got it out and started using it.

It never let me down, it has been the most reliable brush I have used in over 18 months looking and trying samples our manufacturer sends me.

So when Lucy in the office asked if that was the one we were going to get in BECAUSE she keeps seeing me pick it up and using it (which hadn’t happened for months) rather than picking a brush up and moaning about it, I immediately contacted the factory and placed the order.






I can’t believe it took me so long to realise it really, because I loved it the first and second time I used it, let alone the next 5 months using it! and believe me there aren’t that many brushes that got used a second or third time and if they did it was to just solidify in my mind it definitely wasn’t THE brush.


So here it is, see it in action in this quick video


If you are searching for a brush your an rely on, then get the Queen of all L&P brushes ‘Queenie’ today.

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