We Supply College Student Kits

Over the past 6 years we have been a big supporter of the Budding Nail Tech. We have supplied thousands of Student Kits to College Students who want not just a product to learn with, but AMAZING products to  give their skills the best chance from the start.

We feel that by investing in the young talent investing in their future, we have that obligation to make sure they start on the right foot and ensuring they have a product that professional tech’s use in the salon everyday, with a proven track record for excellence and the support of our highly educated team Nails and Co. has partnered with Grafton International to bring you the highest quality product tailored to the college curriculum.

Our unique partnership with Graftons stems from Rebecca’s long term working relationship with Grafton’s UK College Manager – Amber Ivison. Amber and Rebecca have worked together for over 6 years to bring Nail Kits to student who would otherwise have struggled to find out what a good product really was, and 6 years years later we are still working on that project which now see’s a direct despatch of student kits from Grafton’s massive warehouse.

An Amazing Partnership …

“Partnering with Amber at Grafton’s has been an amazing journey. I have grown from supplying my first 2 colleges on my own to the 2nd year supplying 9 and in our 5th year we have kits going out to over 60 colleges! It has been a great experience for all of us. I get to showcase our Nail Art products alongside EzFlow and Orly, then I deliver enrichment classes and competition workshops to the students throughout the UK. I see it as a great start to their career or business and when the students get in touch afterwards and i see they have got a job or entering into a competition its a rewarding feeling to know you had a big part in that success.”    Rebecca x


If you are a college lecturer or own an academy and would like a quote on student kits, email Rebecca at rebecca.orme@nailsand.co.uk with the list of products you need in your kit/s

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