Why Torque is more important than RPM

If you are in the market for an E-File, then there are plenty out there to choose from but over the last 2-3 years there has been an influx of non-professional equipment flooding the internet, so where do you start when you are looking to buy a good quality, does the job properly, piece of equipment?

Well the thing most nail tech’s concentrate their efforts on is the RPM, the standard is 30,000RPM and there is no reason you would need anything faster than this. There are now faster models on the market but anything faster just isn’t needed and may also pose a safety risk to the client.

The most IMPORTANT spec to look out for though is not RPM, it is the ‘TORQUE’

Torque is the push behind the spin of the drill bit, without good enough torque the drill bit can be rotating happily at 30,000RPM until it touches the nail enhancement product then when you out the right amount of pressure on to do the filing, it stops spinning!

I have lost count of how many times i have heard this issue come up and the problem lies when i ask the tech what torque does the e-file have…almost everyone has answered “what is torque” :\

Other handy things to look out for on the modern day professional E-File are a digital display, rechargeable capabilities and lightweight design, but by far which make the equipment so convenient, but by buying a unit without knowing if the drill bit is going to keep spinning when you apply the right pressure to get the job done, you may end up disappointed.

Of course I’ve done the hard work for you, and sourced an amazing lightweight E-file for you, but i like to make sure you are always in the know! Anything less than about 3.5mNm may cause you some frustration.

The E-File PRO is a whopping 5.6mNm and hasn’t let me down yet! Its rechargeable, runs like a dream, light to carry mobile and with the digital display it has everything a professional needs.

Need the training? We can help you there too, with 5 Educators offering the Nails and Co. Accredited E-File class around the UK.

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Of course we sell these at Nails and Co you can find the full details and spec here:

The Nails and Co. E-File PRO 


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